Main course

Specialities from Angus cattle

Steak Mix

Selection of steaks from the house (Angus tenderloin, New-Zealand lamb racks, Pork loin)

7490 Ft

Surf & Turf

Classic American dish, a grilled tenderloin steak (200g) and giant prawn’s tale (130g) stewed in Chardonnay

9890 Ft

Salteado Matador

Angus tenderloin cubes mixed with onion and bell pepper grilled on the skewer

6490 Ft

Angus Burger

Classic angus burger with fries

3490 Ft

Wagyu Burger

Classic burger made of 20 dkg Wagyu cattle

5990 Ft

Wagyu Burger with gooseliver

Classic burger made of 20 dkg Wagyu cattle

7490 Ft

Gaucho Steak

Tenderloin medallion in creamy mushroom sauce with Serrano ham, served with shredded potato filled with cheese

6790 Ft

Lomo Bariloche

Tenderloin medallion served with mushroom and cognac ragout with croquette

6790 Ft

Bélszíncsíkok „Godet”

Tenderloin strips in a brandy and tangerine sauce served with shredded potato

6790 Ft

Bélszíncsíkok „Roble”

Tenderloin strips in white wine and pepper sauce, served with jasmine rice

6790 Ft

„Pampas” speciality

Rose Anade

Duck breast with a rich cumberland sauce

4590 Ft

Spare Ribs

BBQ baby back ribs served with fries

4590 Ft

Solomillo de Cerdo

Roasted pork loin

3690 Ft

Iberico Steak

5490 Ft

New Zealand lamb and venison specialties

Szarvas bélszín

Venison tenderloin with blueberry and red wine sauce

6490 Ft

Új-Zélandi bárányborda

Grilled French-racks served with garlic green beans in white wine sauce

5990 Ft

Chuleta de Cordero

Grilled lamb saddle

4990 Ft

Speciality dishes

Csirkemell „Provance”

Roasted chicken breast in garlic, tomato and mushroom sauce served with jasmine saffron rice

3290 Ft

Csirkemell „Relleno”

Grilled chicken breast filled with four different cheeses served with garlic mashed potato

3390 Ft

Csirkemell „Mendoza”

Chicken breast, topped with vegetables, melted cheese
 and bacon

3490 Ft

Roasted turkey „Asado”

Roasted turkey breast cured with spices, served with fresh mixed salad

3190 Ft

Pike perch from lake Victoria with a salmon and caviar sauce

4390 Ft

Butterfish with steamed spinach

4990 Ft

Grilled salmon „Pimienta”

Grilled salmon fillet cured with lemon pepper served with boiled parsley potatoes

4590 Ft

Lazacsteak „Aneldo”

Roast salmon fillet with a dill sauce served
 with boiled parsley potatoes

4590 Ft

Sharksteak „Congrejo”

Grilled shark steak with a Mediterranean shrimp stew and potato croquettes

4990 Ft

Spoil your taste buds with a seductive dining experience in the famed Budapest steak restaurant, Pampas!
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